Cloud Discovery

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We’ll work with your organisation to assess data, applications, data workloads, data movement, AI / ML requirements and all integration aspects. With our thorough assessment, migration projects and new initiatives are set up for success.

At completion of this phase, you’ll have a clear understanding of your current data infrastructure setup and have a path to improvement.

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Cloud and Data Services Created with Sketch.

As part of our Cloud Discovery Services we help you-

Data Discovery

  • Gather data movement requirements

  • Assess data source characteristics

  • Assess data governance requirements

  • Assess data interfaces

Applications, Data Workloads and AI/ML

  • Gather requirements

  • Assess characteristics

  • Assess interfaces and integration points

Integration Discovery

  • Gather requirements

  • Assess integration aspects

Get a helping hand on your next cloud project and let’s discuss what’s important in Discovery.

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