We work closely with Business and Technology stakeholders to translate their vision to reality. We use lean methodology to iteratively deliver features based on Minimum Viable Product.

Spoko is a lightweight and user-friendly Identity and Access Management (IDAM) solution for large enterprises, which allows you to take control of your Google Cloud infrastructure and simplify access management.

Spoko facilitates project provisioning, categorisation, user and group management, and access policy configuration, whilst making all changes transparent, secure and supports organisations in becoming GDPR-compliant, thanks to its configurable and fully automated Change Request mechanism. Additionally, it offers full auditability of all events through Audit Log.

Spoko also enables enforcing labelling as part of its resource management modules. The profile management feature within Spoko simplifies permission management across different personas seamlessly across the enterprise. Spoko provides the capabilities for large enterprises in reducing the operational cost significantly when it comes to Identity and Access management.