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We’re a free-thinking, cloud-focused consultancy providing data-driven solutions to large-scale data movement projects

Cogniflare works closely with Business and Technology stakeholders to translate their vision to reality. We use lean methodology to iteratively deliver features based on Minimum Viable Product.

Accelerate your cloud adoption at scale with agility, automation and secure.

Cogniflare’s Enterprise cloud acceleration tools and methodologies are geared towards accelerating transformation and migration programmes from OnPrem to Cloud. Key challenges faced by CXO level stakeholders in moving to cloud are the time taken for transformation/migration programmes, the associated technical complexity, awaiting business commitments, holding all the key programmes during the transformation and lack of predictability.

Cogniflare addresses all these challenges directly by using proven cloud acceleration methodologies, agile delivery, flexible roadmap and tested tools. Our methodology and tools are underpinned by following key principles and ethos:

Key principle / ethos

  1. Simplify

    Cogniflare believes in breaking down complex problems into smaller manageable blocks and brings simplicity into all aspects of design and development. This is reflected in our tools, processes and methodologies.
    We take and guide in a no nonsense approach.

  2. Repeatable

    Cogniflare believes that a value of a product or delivery is productive only when the same can be applied in resolving other similar business/technical problems. Hence our deliverables be it product or methodology is aligned towards this key principle of ours – repeatability.

  3. Secure

    Cogniflare believes in security by design, and zero trust security. In all out products, tools and deliverables be it design, infrastructure or code we embody security as part of it and provide a zero trust security approach. We will only provide access to the necessary consumer, to the necessary granularity of access and only for the necessary period of time. The access will further be audit logged for traceability.

  4. Virtual Autonomy & Control

    Key problems faced by the enterprises are how to control the level of accesses to specified resources / assets. What processes can be built to secure the accesses and control the access ?
    The answer to this question so far has been through processes which are often manual and takes a longer lead time to get access provisioned.
    While this is acceptable from a control perspective, the processes are tedious to follow and slow down the speed in which the data needs to be accessed and used for valid business purposes. With the growing needs for data science, ML and AI, speed is very important for the algorithms to be successful. This is where the autonomous framework developed by Cogniflare along with control measures bridges the gap between the two key problems. Proven Self service frameworks and tools are made available from Cognfilare to address these key necessities of organisations, that are wanting to use Cloud Infrastructure, Analytics and Data Science with autonomy and control requirements

  5. Automation at scale

    With cloud infrastructure, cloud tools and managed services – Development and Operations are not separate anymore. DevOps has combined these two groups very quickly. For efficient DevOps in Cloud Infrastructure enterprises need automation to help scale up the operations and also move from build into deployment as soon as possible. To be truly agile, as the code is fixed it should be deployed with minimal regression. Organisations need automation and at scale in order to address these demands. The automation is at various levels, Data Engineering, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Regression Tests, Data Science, Operational Alerts and many more. Cogniflare has deep expertise in providing automated solutions at scale – both at organisation and technology levels.

Cogniflare has developed key insights and deep knowledge in operating with the following cloud specialisation areas :

  1. Cloud foundation bootstrap

    Cogniflare can help build a cloud foundation and bootstrap operations for any size enterprise within a short period of time, based on the experience and niche expertise of Cogniflare. We have experience with multiple cloud partners and multiple cloud products, which puts us ahead of the curve from our competition

  2. Self service accelerators

    Cogniflare has developed unique self service accelerators bridging the gap between access and control, and speeds up access to data assets, and provisioning of new data assets / infrastructure.

  3. Enterprise cloud network integration

    Large organizations generally tend to have a very complex network set-up on-prem and usually try to implement network controls with a similar thought process which may not be efficient and brings in agility and scalability challenges. Also there might be longer lead times on establishing a physical network connectivity between data centers of the organization and the data centre of CSP.
    Cogniflare’s cloud foundation framework provides a simplified network topology adapting to the core principles of organization with a zero trust security model. Further our framework provide transitional patterns to accelerate cloud adoption in the absence of physical network connectivity

  4. Templated cookie cutter approach integrated with Dev Sec Ops

    Cogniflare adopts an infrastructure as a code approach with the dimension of dev sec ops that provides the ability to operate at scale but also complying and implementing security controls in a proactive manner. This is again key for accelerated cloud adoption and reducing management overheads.

  5. Shared service model

    Cogniflare promotes a shared service model, where development for one part of the organisation can be used by multiple other parts of the organisation too. Shared service can also be defined in terms of repeatable usage of a produced artefact by multiple consumers of the same organisation. Example : user profile, security access, encryption, decryption, anonymisation, deanonymization all of these can be consumed by any project/department from a shared infrastructure / service

  6. Operational hub and cost optimization

    As the cloud footprint increases the costs incurred could exponentially increase if not managed properly and thus may not be sustainable to operate. Operational hub enables enterprises to just not manage their spend but the usage across different data and compute services in the cloud, followed by workload, access and security optimisation.

  7. Zero trust security

    Zero Trust is a security concept centered on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.
    The strategy around Zero Trust boils down to don’t trust anyone. We’re talking about, cut off all access until the network knows who is calling. Don’t allow access to IP addresses, machines, etc. it is established who the user is and what level of access must be given to that user.