Automating Purchase Orders

Our client was a major pharmaceutical company who approached us with a need to automate the processing of Purchase Orders. This particular function of the business manually processed 10’s thousands of purchase orders per month. In addition these purchase orders came in numerous formats such as; scans, images, pdf and spreadsheets.

They had a primary need to increase the pace at which the PO’s were processed and allow the staff to focus on serving the customers in other areas. Since the regulations in this industry require manual verification of any machine generated output the scene was set for an active learning solution to be implemented and integrated within the current workflow.

Our foundation for this solution created an active learning system designed to speed up the workflow using cloud based AI from GCP Document AI and Azure Cognitive Services to pre-populate the content used for the internal ordering system. As part of this application our architecture provided an augmented reality experience to allow the data entry clerks to complete the process by correcting any mistakes or missing information. All interactions of the user within the tool are logged to create additional training data for Machine Learning models.

Our main take away from this project was the approach that different cloud vendors provide for the customization of platform AI services and how they can be leveraged to build a solution that works.

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