Kyrah: The Future of Data Governance

In the information age, data is the most vital asset of any organisation—so they need data-driven strategies to successfully compete, regardless of their industry. By executing decisions backed by data, businesses don’t just boost their revenue and profitability, but also bolster their customer satisfaction. In today’s dynamic business environment, speed isn’t enough. Data must be timely, too. That’s why companies are now focused like never before on developing superlative data governance practices. Only then can they begin their journey towards digital transformation, and accelerate time to market.

Kyrah is a data governance solution

Kyrah interface

To achieve this, many are turning to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to produce, store, and consume their data at an astonishing rate. But the data in GCP is siloed across Google projects, and scattered security and access rules make it tough to manage data at the best of times. That’s where Kyrah comes in.

Kyrah acces form

Kyrah access form

What is Kyrah?

Kyrah is a lightweight, user-friendly data governance, management, and catalogue solution, built specifically for a GCP-based data warehouse. It was designed by cloud data specialists Cogniflare, whose products have been proven to expedite businesses’ digital transformation and enable them to scale their data processes to maximise their cloud investment.

A key winning formula for business success is understanding its data estate, and enabling data agility for proactive decision making.

Siva Mounidevy, CEO and Co-Founder of Kyrah

Kyrah facilitates enterprise data management across your data estate and exploration, permissions management, and security policy enforcement. With its easily configurable and fully automated agile workflow request mechanism, Kyrah guarantees every change is transparent, secure, and GDPR-compliant, while ensuring total auditability of all events via its activity log. As a singular platform connecting every user, companies achieve a unified view of all data assets across their GCP enterprise landscape. With Kyrah, these businesses accelerate their cloud adoption, and are better equipped to innovate in advanced analytics at scale.

What data governance challenges does Kyrah address?

When you lose control over your GCP data management, you risk damaging auditability, inflating management costs, hindering new product launches, and impeding successful data monitoring. This so-called data chaos directly impacts your business’s competitiveness—but the company that controls that chaos has the power to set the tone for the evolution of the entire market.

As businesses seek rapid growth following the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, access and data monetisation across all aspects of the organisation are essential for driving digital transformation and opening up new revenue streams.

Ahamed Khan, CTO and Co-Founder of Kyrah

Enterprises spend the majority of their time researching and sourcing data, losing time against competitors, and solving critical business challenges. This damages time to market, generates a delay that’s almost impossible to catch up on, and prevents punctual identification of risks and opportunities. All too often this leads to teams being unable to run the right campaigns at the right time. Moreover, siloed data complicates compliance when you’re managing and monitoring data estates, especially when they start to grow exponentially. This is exacerbated further when it comes to ensuring data is being hosted in the right region, with the right level of access granted to the right individual or group.

All of these issues are mitigated by Kyrah. Kyrah synchronises its state seamlessly with the platform through Google APIs using a service account. So whether your organisation is new to GCP or you already own some data assets, all changes made—whether in Kyrah or GCP directly—will be reflected immediately in Kyrah. Companies rest easy, because they’re guaranteed compliance with data security regulations and policies—and even reduce their management and operational overheads in the process.

Data management challenges within organisationData management challenges within organisationsKyrah features

Kyrah ensures organisations takemaintain total control over silos and data chaos by virtue of its numerous innovative features:

  • Data market. Imagine big data as an eCommerce marketplace. Kyrah enables you to search for and request access to storage assets via a convenient shopping cart. It really is that easy!
  • Storage map. Visually explore your organisation’s cloud assets, and understand your data’s popularity. Experience the entire cosmos of your big data—and all on a single screen!

    Kyrah storage map

    Kyrah storage map

  • Storage assets manager. Manage your products, and group them for permission management.
  • Users and groups. View people’s permissions, and edit user roles and approvers.
  • Activity log. Browse user activity, ensuring every action is taken under your supervision. Nothing is untraceable.
  • Taxonomy. Define categories to organise, tag your storage assets, and define column-level categories to control BigQuery access on columns. Make your assets both secure and meaningful.

    Kyrah taxonomy view

    Kyrah taxonomy view

  • Policy engine. Define strict rules and standards for storage assets, and preview their violations to fix them with ease. Manage data asset policies and violations centrally. Experience unparallelled quality in permissions standards.

    Kyrah policy engine list

    Kyrah policy engine list

  • Settings. Manage identity synchronisation, create roles and manage their permissions, and configure workflows for different teams.
  • Deployment canvas. Integrate with data model tools for smooth deployment and migration of data models to key GCP data services, including BigQuery.
  • Change request workflows. Every change request is backed by a configurable workflow engine, where approvals must be collected before automatic execution.

So whether you’re in operations, security, compliance, data analysis, or auditing, Kyrah will meet your needs—then surpass them in ways you’d never thought possible. After all, Kyrah was developed for every organisation looking to liberate the full potential of its data estate, enable proactive decision making—and unify its people and processes towards this objective.

Experience total interconnection of all your GCP assets

Kyrah empowers companies the world over with a single pane of glass, providing a map through which data owners can understand their data landscape, use, and sensitivity with a simple, ergonomic view across the entire organisation. By unifying a business’s people, processes, and data provisioning with a singular user interface, Kyrah mitigates the problems posed by siloed data, ensures faster data discovery and time to market, and enables enforcement of compliance with data sovereignty requirements.

Witness the future of data governance, and see for yourself the far-reaching benefits of genuine data democratisation and auditability processes. Get in touch with Cogniflare today, and one of our friendly experts will book you in for a free demo.

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